What is an “Influence Consult”, anyway?Influence Expert Dr Tori Coaching on Persuasion

If you plan on communicating with an individual or a group of people about something important, why not first get help from an expert in influence and persuasion?  You are already going to convey your message.  Why not optimize it?

That’s precisely what an influence consult does.

Coined by Dr. Ed Tori in 2003, the term “influence consult” refers to receiving expert advice about a specific influence attempt or campaign.  It may refer to help crafting a single ultra-important email or may refer to a larger communication campaign.

Who is Dr. Tori and what makes him qualified to give an Influence Consult?

Dr. Tori’s training in influence and persuasion comes from over a decade of apprentice arrangements with experts and course work in diverse influence domains including coaching, social sciences, direct response marketing, advertising, game design, copywriting, hypnosis, NLP, parenting, public speaking, internet marketing and others.

Through courses, public speaking, and coaching, Dr. Tori provides training on influence for health professionals and caregivers. His “Influence consults” have touched such diverse areas as resident recruitment, patient adherence, philanthropic efforts, patient education, professional op-ed writing, bedside manner, conflict management and the opening of new healthcare delivery facilities.

Influence consults are not limited to health, wellness, and healthcare.  Dr. Tori has extensive marketing experience and homeschooling his 6 children, influence consults are often requested for parenting, relationships, coaching, education and marketing, as well.